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digitalisation des coordonnées bancaires

Managing bank details through artificial intelligence

In addition to being costly, human and traditional means are not enough to secure a company’s banking data. However, this information is constantly requested for all kinds of financial transactions (collection, invoice payment, disbursement, reporting…). U-ERP guarantees operational excellence. Beyond financial and administrative management, this low&no code platform allows the digitization of bank details.

The advantages of digitizing bank details

In principle, digital transformation is not an obligation for a company, regardless of its sector of activity. However, in view of its strategic and operational benefits, it contributes to the company’s development. In the context of financial management, the digitization of bank details represents an added value. The centralization of bank data simplifies financial exchanges, cash management, accounting and cash flow analysis.

In addition to streamlining internal processes, it is an effective protection measure. Your bank details are dematerialized and grouped together in a reliable system. What’s more, the various bank accounts can be synchronized for better operational performance.

Take the plunge with U-ERP

Did you know that using U-ERP opens up new opportunities for you? Not limited to securing your financial data, U-ERP will be your customizable management solution. Small, medium and large companies can adopt it for their success and viability. The digitization and automation of various tasks will save you a lot of time. As a result, internal departments can focus on more important tasks.

Integrating business banking data into U-ERP solves the recurring problems of the accounting department. No more repetitive work that requires great vigilance to avoid errors. It will be easier to find and control all the bank data. It will also be possible to define the periodicity of data recovery. All banking operations are recorded in real time in the accounting software. They will be automatically integrated in the accounting entries.

U-ERP is one of the few ERP that embeds all business processes. This advanced software offers a CRM, HCM, payroll, accounting and finance platform. The integration of bank accounts will be done on a unified platform, fully compatible with APIs. Note that all French bank accounts can be placed in the system.

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