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Deep digital transformation: the basis for a more competitive company

The digital transformation impacts the competitiveness, the reactivity, the productivity and the efficiency of a company. Involving a continuous evolution, digitalization allows you to reach your objectives more easily. However, you need to adopt the right strategy. This is where the DEEP DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION program comes in. Without limiting itself to digitization, it evokes a profound transformation. Culture, collaboration, innovation, mobility, cloud and unified and incremental software platform, the changes are radical.

What is digital transformation really all about?

We know that information and communication are in constant evolution. However, digital transformation does not only refer to new technology. At this point, we are talking about a digital transformation. Although these terms are very similar, so that we confuse them, digital transformation is a real revolution. It permeates the economy and the organizational culture of a company.

More precisely, digital transformation describes an integral overhaul that affects all actors who collaborate remotely or closely with the company. Its success imposes a number of challenges. It calls into question all the internal and external processes of a company. Because of digitalization, the company is forced to rethink its way of working, its limits and its management system. Nevertheless, it opens new commercial, managerial and strategic opportunities.

What are the benefits of a digital transformation ?

Whatever the size of your company, a digital transformation has become a necessity for its survival. Since competition is fierce, it is necessary to take advantage of and exploit the new data. Moreover, our daily life is more than ever governed by digital tools, new technology and the digital revolution. Although the challenge, the requirements and the compliance are high, a successful digital transformation brings multiple benefits. In addition to digital maturity, you will see strategic and operational benefits.

  • Customer satisfaction: Did you know that the digitalization of internal processes improves the customer experience? In many ways, automation and digitization increase responsiveness, efficiency and fluidity. Simplicity is emphasized, while services are personalized and respond to specific customer needs. Human interaction will not necessarily be necessary.
  • Cost reduction: Not limited to the loss of time, traditional tools require a lot of money. Digital transformation allows you to save money and time. The identification of problems will be faster and errors will be almost nil.
  • A better competitiveness: Being the leader in your field of activity is not improvised. In addition to the notoriety with the personas, you have to know how to be ahead of your direct competitors. Digital transformation will help you do just that. Coupled with a good software, your company will improve its competitive advantage. The structure will be strengthened, internal management will be more efficient and productivity will increase.
  • Performance improvement: integrating a digital system into the organizational culture changes the way a company operates. Your company will be more efficient and reliable. The software offered by our company Sikiwis meets these challenges. The U-ERP is an ultra-perfected system that ensures the growth and optimization of a company’s scope. It responds to all the problems of all companies, regardless of their sector of activity.

All about the DEEP digital transformation

Companies face many challenges in implementing their digital transformation. Beyond the benefits, it impacts internal operations, customer relations and supply chain management. Until now, the solutions proposed by the market have struggled to cover all these heavy and costly needs. Especially since digital maturity mobilizes key company resources over the long term. The Deep digital transformation program, involving the U-ERP low code no code technology platform, makes it easy.

What is Deep digital transformation ?

Deep Digital Transformation is a set of business processes that enables a deep digital transformation. Comprehensive and advanced, its success implies a digital platform in perpetual evolution.

The Deep digital transformation relies on a particular technology that allows both the mutualization of innovations and the maintainability of application devices. It must be based on a flexible architecture inspired by the latest mobile technologies. Indeed, the latter constitute vectors that accompany the operational teams in their daily actions.

What are the different stages of the Deep digital transformation?

The phases of the Deep digital transformation are specific to each organization, ranging from totally centralized to totally decentralized. Each entity is autonomous in its access to the device and hybrid organization schemes. However, it is necessary to allow mutualized innovations for the benefit of all organizations. This is done so that each application can be built on a common base. A mastered technological framework is also essential. By its simple construction and production, it brings added value to the rest of the organization.

The Deep Digital Transformation goes through several phases

The mode of governance

Based on the objectives of the company, its culture and its organizational model, we recommend a simplified governance mode. The decision-making structures will have a better visibility on the whole construction so that each remote entity gains their autonomy. Each one will be able to preserve its reactivity and its adaptation to the local specificities.

Study of the needs

To ensure a positive return on investment, choose a solution that fits your overall strategy. To do this, start by assessing current needs and anticipating future expectations of the company and your employees. Use collective intelligence workshops. Comprehensive and highly sophisticated, they facilitate the submission of local, regional or group decision plans. Also, you will be able to find a solution that combines IS and business perspectives.


To fully master the specific points of the Zero Code application, project managers must undergo a brief training. This training gives them total autonomy. They will be able to mobilize the zero code application device, while refining functionalities that meet the strategic needs of the company. They will thus support all the operational managers of their entity, region, country or zone.

Appathlon Workshops

Appathlon workshops are intended for all business users, developers, non-developers and process owners. At the end of this training, they will know how to create functional MVP applications. They will master the experimental basics of digital transformation software production.


In order to implement production versions that meet the critical needs of the application, its design is subjected to 4 phases of improvement and integration. As new functionalities are added, existing modules evolve. As research and development continues, so do the fields of possibilities offered.

Wave acceleration

By applying this method, waves of simultaneous application implementations can be undertaken. These waves can support up to several dozen specific solutions in 3 to 6 month cycles.

Unlike traditional approaches, the DEEP DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM is the only one that can support a true large-scale transformation. The process meets the specific needs of each operational entity within the company.

Succeed in your digital transformation with SIKIWIS and U-ERP

Recognized as a leader in its field, SIKIWIS is a high-tech digital company founded in Paris in 2009. Committed to the transformation and digitalization of operations, SIKIWIS has created the ZERO CODE U-ERP platform. An advanced, autonomous and complete platform, it allows you to develop mobile applications dedicated to the dematerialization of web and smartphone application processes. These digital tools improve the productivity of a company with considerable time savings. The cost and performance are also significant.

The ZERO CODE U-ERP platform allows Sikiwis’ consultants and client teams to engage in their deep digital transformation program. The process will be based on several waves of application creation involving up to 100 simultaneous teams. These applications cover all business processes, internal, customer and supply chain.

To serve you and guarantee the reliability of your operations, the SIKIWIS teams are highly skilled professionals. Sikiwis is comprised of former McKINSEY consultants, CAC40 Group Operations Managers and Group CIOs of digital transformation. More information is available upon request by writing to contact@sikiwis.com or by 09 50 08 85 87.



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