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U-ERP: a 100% digital unified platform with low and no code

Faced with the technological revolution and digitalization, business applications play an important role in the smooth running of companies. Without being limited to the automation and digitization of time-consuming tasks, these software applications meet the needs of the market and of employees. But they must be efficient, reliable and in line with the business. U-ERP Low& no code is the answer to these problems. It is a complete software solution inspired by the latest technologies. Inexpensive, efficient and responsive, U-ERP covers the needs of all companies in all sectors.


The U-ERP is a 100% digital unified management platform based on a Low & No Code architecture. From this web 4.0 technology, building a web and mobile business application does not necessarily require a highly qualified IT team. Indeed, U-ERP guarantees operational excellence at a lower cost. Our platform is intuitive, customizable and easy to learn even for beginners. Designing a business software that reflects your company’s image will be that much easier.

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It provides the main features that you need.


Easy and quick to deploy.


Activate the modules and features that suit you.


It offers a design that reflects your company image

The 100% secure modular ERP

As we all know, traditional computer programming requires advanced technical skills. Until now, only senior developers and computer programmers have been able to master them. It is in this context that low and no code finds its legitimacy. Recognized as new approaches to software development, they open multiple opportunities.

U-ERP is a management platform based on a Low & no code architecture. With this innovative software suite, obtaining an advanced business application is within everyone’s reach. The deployment is extremely fast, it adapts to your internal processes and infrastructures, while optimizing the efficiency of your company. Without being limited to the management of your business at 360°, your productivity is increased. Therefore, the return on investment or ROI will certainly be positive, whatever your field of activity. Designed specifically for you, the U-ERP is your next generation management solution. It covers 100% of your needs. U-ERP will be your best collaborator for production management, purchasing management, human resources management, cash management, customer management and even training management. Indeed, U-ERP integrates all the functionalities necessary to work on the digital maturity of a company. It is equipped with 400 software modules that meet all your needs in terms of dematerialization. It is also customizable according to your requirements and desires. The U-ERP will accompany your company throughout its life cycle.

Choose the expert way.

No. 1 | 13 years of investment in Research & Development for BtoB software. The digitalization of business processes is our priority. We are committed to presenting a management solution at the cutting edge of current technological advances.

N° 2 | Pioneer of the LOW & NO CODE 100% French. We focus primarily on the development of companies on our French territory. Of course, we are gradually opening this opportunity for the international market. Moreover, our U-ERP is multilingual.


No. 3 | Gartner, the world’s leading statistics company for organizations, predicts that 80% of applications will be supported by Low & No Code platforms by 2024. In the context of a shortage of developers and an ever-increasing need, we advocate Low & No Code. Simplicity comes first, since the computer coding is almost non-existent, yet the software solution is foolproof.


N° 4 | We believe in continuous innovation. With this in mind, we are constantly improving our solutions to provide the best experience for our customers.


N° 5 | Take advantage of the expertise of our teams composed of former McKinsey, Veolia and Vinci CIOs. Sikiwis is a business solution provider that ensures the operational and strategic excellence of your company.



Our mission is to support every company, whatever its size. We have already delivered more than 800 applications in over 24 languages. We will be your pillar to succeed in the deep digital transformation of your company. Our software solution does not just give your company a facelift through automation and digitization. You get a tailor-made software solution that guarantees your success on all fronts. Our ERP solution paves the way for your company of tomorrow.