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Sikiwis runs a new Appathlon at the innovation centre “The Camp”

The SIKIWIS teams led a new 12-hour Appathlon workshop at the beautiful site “The Camp” in Aix en Provence. This event allowed 9 teams to build MVPs (Minial Viable Products) of high-stakes business applications with immediate specification and implementation. These applications were then reviewed by a decision-making committee which selected the winners. One of the managers present commented “We were impressed with the ability of this technology to allow us to build business applications without any development knowledge in just a few hours. We noted a very significant progression of the technology compared to the Appathlon workshop held last year.

“This success confirms the further progression in capabilities of low and no-code technology and our Digitalizr platform, which is capable of creating applications of ever-increasing complexity in a matter of hours. We continue to lead innovation as a low and no-code cloud technology platform capable of delivering CRM, customer experience, operations, HCM, payroll, security, finance and supply chain solutions designed and maintained in France” said Paul Sitbon, President of SIKIWIS.

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