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Choosing the digital transformation software

Overcoming the constraints of new technology, digital transformation has become more popular in recent years. VSEs, SMEs and large companies see it as an opportunity to improve their strategic, operational and commercial performance. However, the success of the process depends essentially on the digital solution used. To simplify your task, discover our recommendations to identify a good digital transformation software.

What is digital maturity?

Did you know that today, digitalization and business growth go hand in hand? In this sense, most entrepreneurs start the digital transformation of their company in the hope of increasing its efficiency and productivity. But until now, few have reached digital maturity. At this point, we are not just talking about digitization or automation. Digital maturity goes beyond the technological revolution and digital tools. It also takes into account the user experience, the cultural evolution, the economy and the people within the company.

In other words, digital maturity describes the ability of a company to react to the emerging digital environment. A company is said to be “digitally mature” when it understands and knows how to take advantage of the needs and challenges of digitalization. Therefore, the return on investment or ROI is positive. If not, we recommend a digital maturity diagnosis. Although the score is an estimate, it allows us to measure the profitability of a company’s digital transformation. In this regard, value, strategy, operations, business processes, corporate culture, technologies and innovation are evaluated. Thus, the company will be able to see the gaps in order to find the best strategy to finalize its digital transformation

How to choose the right digital transformation software ?

A digital transformation project requires a software solution. Moreover, the number of management software packages is increasing, making the choice more and more complex. Basic management software, business ERP, general purpose ERP, SaaS or Cloud installation, all these technical characteristics are confusing. Here are some criteria to help you find a digital transformation software more easily.

The business sector

To ensure the success of your company’s digital transformation, opt for a digital tool adapted to your industry. Certainly, vendors offer standard software that meets generic criteria. However, a customized digital transformation software is tailored specifically to your field of activity. The solution will meet the real problems of your company. What’s more, the configuration will be all the easier since the functionalities have been designed for your business.


The objectives

Make no mistake, digital transformation is not limited to simplifying internal processes. Indeed, digitalization brings multiple strategic and operational benefits. To take part in it, you must first define your objectives. We can talk about efficiency and time saving, infallible security, without forgetting the optimization of processes. A digital transformation software should not only bring modernity to a company. In many respects, it should enable the company’s successful development.


An ERP with multiple functionalities is not necessarily the best option. The functional scope of the technological solution must be adapted to your company’s expectations and expected use. Start by drawing up a set of specifications to list the useful functions and the evolutions to be planned. Your software can be used for financial management, sales management, accounting, production, human resources management, payroll, supervision, etc. At the same time, it is important to note that a complete and advanced ERP system is capable of performing all these tasks, without risk and in the right way.

The size of the company

The choice of a digital transformation software depends on the size, turnover and subsidiaries of the company. A very small company and an international company with more than 500 employees will not have the same structures. In order to comply with this, you should know that a cloud-based ERP is more than sufficient for the administrative and personnel management of a small business. Large companies and SMEs will turn to a recognized digital tool that has proven itself.

Return on investment

In addition to agility, flexibility and functionality, analyze the profitability of your digital transformation project. Compare the integration costs of the software solution with the return on investment. In addition, choose an ERP system that is viable in the long term or that has a duration of at least 10 years.

Software technicality

We know that digital transformation software impacts the daily operations of a company. Its use imposes many challenges and changes. Nevertheless, we expect a better visibility in addition to the homogenization of the company’s information system. The ERP will have to adapt to the existing infrastructures. Also, don’t forget to check the deployment time. Of course, it varies according to the complexity of the transformation project and the software’s functionalities. However, do an audit beforehand for a better internal organization.


Although an ERP is an advanced and infallible digital tool, technical breakdowns can occur. To remedy this, turn to a software editor who will accompany you until your company reaches digital maturity. In addition to training to learn the basics of the software solution, you will have technical support at your disposal. It takes care of the maintenance and intervenes in case of breakdowns.


U-ERP, an artificial intelligence within reach of your company

A successful digital transformation cannot be improvised. Without limiting yourself to the involvement of your employees, you must first find the best digital transformation software. Sikiwis, an expert in technological solutions and digital transformation, presents the U-ERP. A complete digital tool, advanced and adapted to all business processes, this software solution has been developed with the low&no code architecture. Its use is relatively simple and the deployment time is reasonable. U-ERP is the technology that will revolutionize the way your company operates.
Construction, agribusiness, government agencies, commerce, industry, banking, finance, etc., U-ERP is customizable according to your field of activity. The software will meet the expectations of the market and those of your employees. What’s more, it is a scalable digital transformation software. In addition to the pre-integrated functionalities, it will follow step by step the growth of your company. U-ERP ensures efficiency and performance. Moreover, all functionalities meet the standards and regulations in force. To learn more, you can contact us by email at contact@sikiwis.com. Our service is also available by phone on 09 50 08 85 87.


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