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DIGITALIZR ERP winner of the Global Industry Awards 2020 in the Digital Mutation category

DIGITALIZR ERP won first prize at the Global Industry Awards 2020 in the Digital Mutation category.

DIGITALIZR ERP is the ERP platform designed by SIKIWIS on an innovative technical architecture and extremely flexible compared to traditional ERP architectures. Beyond the fundamental HR, Purchasing, Sales, Finance, Production and ERP Stock building blocks, DIGITALIZR ERP brings 400 Zero Code software modules which allow to digitize all the peripheral processes of the company in the supply chain, internal processes and customer relationships. In addition to responsive web, DIGITALIZR ERP modules can be used on native smartphone application to simplify work in offline modes on smartphone and tablet. DIGITALIZR ERP is finally characterized by a great flexibility of configuration which greatly reduces the implementation time of the solution. The 600 collective agreements as well as their classifications and the French HR and Finance standards are pre-shipped to ensure compliance with French regulatory obligations. Beyond the classic ERP, DIGITALIZR ERP opens the field of dematerialization of all business processes with ease.

“We are very happy to have won this first prize and in the Digital Mutation category! GLOBAL INDUSTRIE is the largest French trade fair in the industry and this recognition is a great reward for the twelve years of research and development that we have invested The credit goes to our teams for their great commitment, professionalism, cohesion and sensitivity to innovation. We are also very grateful to each of our customers for their confidence even when we were in the initial versions of our technologies. You have been an engine of our success by confronting the platform with ever more complex use cases.
We will continue on this path in order to provide more performance, more services, automation, security, and intelligence support to users of our platform and their customers and suppliers. The game is open to a world reinvented in terms of enterprise software and we intend to continue our innovations to lead the load of the actors who will change the deal. “Declared Paul Sitbon

SIKiWIS is an innovative company founded in 2009 in Paris by former architects of major IT projects from Veolia. SIKIWIS supports with its DIGITALIZR ERP platform large public and private organizations in the implementation of complete ERP or vertical management solutions such as HCM, MES, WMS, CRM, inventory management, logistics, knowledge, projects, teams and platforms of communication and collaboration.

GLOBAL INDUSTRIE is the largest French fair dedicated to the industry. Organized in even years in Paris and odd years in Lyon, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE is the place where people think, imagine, invent, build, revolutionize, transform the industry of tomorrow! The next edition of the show will be held from March 16 to 19, 2021 at the Eurexpo Lyon show. More information on https://www.global-industrie.com/fr

About Sikiwis

Sikiwis is a major player in the digital and mobile transformation of businesses and organizations. He is the creator of DIGITALIZR ERP, the first ERP that carries the traditional functions of an ERP combined with a digital platform Zero Code in web and smartphone to digitalize in an innovative and ultra-fast way the internal and external business processes of the organizations. Founded in 2009 and based in Paris, Sikiwis was founded by Paul Sitbon, former Mckinsey&company consultant, former Director of Operations at Vinci, former Director of Information Systems Convergence at Veolia Environnement and former DSI at TRANSDEV North America. After 11 years of research and development and field operations in large companies, Sikiwis is supporting organizations in their digital transformation. Sikiwis serves many customers in the aeronautical, automotive, building and public works, energy, real estate, health, services and transportation sectors. For more information, go to http://uerp.com//





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