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Low& no code

Low& No Code: a revolutionary software development method

Due to our appetite for new technologies, the Low & No Code software development approach is becoming more popular in companies. It is a simple and efficient way to build a custom business solution. What’s more, Low & no code addresses technical and budgetary issues as well as the lack of skilled labor. Thanks to a Low & no code platform, non-developers can quickly and simply design a mobile and web application to their image. Indeed, the process on these interfaces is based on graphical templates, prepackaged widgets, drag and drop and workflow automation.

Focus on the Low & no code development method

A digital transformation is a real need for all companies in all sectors. In many ways, we consider Low & no code to be a gas pedal for a digital transformation project. Not limited to the IT trend, Low & no code allows a company to exploit new opportunities, at a lower cost.

The Low & no code development approach opens the way to “Citizen development”. In other words, anyone is able to create a basic application or a complete ERP without writing computer code. There will no longer be a complex programming chain, software creation no longer requires a lot of technical and IT expertise. Companies are free to upgrade their processes with specific software without hiring a professional developer.

What do we really mean by No code and Low code ?

The term Low & no code or LCNC is frequently used in the jargon of software development since the last ten years. A growing technique, their goal is to hide the complexity of the source code of an application. No code” simply means no code and “Low code” indicates little code. These two concepts are complementary to guarantee the reliability and quality of a software, whether it is in web or mobile version. Indeed, when Low and no code development tools are associated, the possibilities are no longer limited. A Low & no code oriented development platform is rich and innovative. Non-developers can fine-tune their software until they get the perfect solution that fits their needs and business.

What are the advantages of the Low & no code development approach?

More than just an interesting alternative to combat the developer shortage, “Low&no code” has a number of advantages.

  • Fast and easy development: Low&no code significantly reduces the development time of digital products. With the help of visual tools, the assembly of various elements can be done in a short time. Your business software will be operational quickly thanks to an agile development process.
  • Achieve digital transformation at a lower cost: Low and no code requires only a little knowledge in computer programming. Therefore, you don’t need a highly skilled IT team, which limits the outflow of money. At the same time, the LCNC is undeniable for the POC “Proof of Concept”.
  • Better productivity: Professional developers or non-developers, the use of low and no code is a safe bet. In addition to the operational speed, this development concept allows employees to increase their productivity. Its simplicity avoids wasting time, and complex tasks are limited or even eliminated. As long as you choose your Low & No Code software development platform carefully, you will have an application that reflects your company’s image in just a few hours.

However, let’s remember that even if Low & no code is beneficial, it still has its limits. Therefore, we always recommend the supervision of software development by the IT department. The IT Department ensures good governance, while guaranteeing the durability of the business application within the IS. This is done while respecting security, scalability, and compliance, and at the same time ensuring that the application can evolve.

Create a customized business solution: why use a Low & no code platform

It would be a huge mistake to contract a SaaS subscription for a tool that does not meet your company’s specific needs. Whether it’s for CRM, HRIS, payroll or production, a customized software solution remains the best alternative. Moreover, thanks to the Low & No Code platforms, your digital project will be that much easier to implement. SMEs, VSEs and large companies, developing your ERP from a Low & no code platform is a real added value.

A Low & no code platform reinforces the autonomy of your company. Guided by a graphical user interface, you can create software according to your requirements by your own means. Using few IT supports, you will not depend on professional developers anymore. You can integrate and test features or components. What’s more, Low & no code will completely replace traditional computer coding by 2024. By using a Low & no code platform for your business software development, you ensure your company’s technological compliance.

What does Citizen development mean?

Certainly, professional designers-developers are highly appreciated. However, the trend is shifting towards Citizen development. It describes a computer development within the reach of everyone, especially Citizen developpers. At this stage, we are not talking about complex programming languages such as Java, the process aims to simplify the creation of software solutions.

Citizen development is an innovative approach that puts business users at the heart of the creation of a custom software solution. Through their knowledge of the business, they master the real and operational needs of internal services. Their modifications will have an impact on their efficiency at work. It is important to note that the Citizen Developer is not a specific position, it is a one-time assignment that covers an urgent need.

Why is it important to undertake Citizen Development for a company?

Since the proclamation of Gartner analyst John K, Citizen Development is becoming more and more popular. More than a radical change for a company, Citizen Development is beneficial on a strategic and operational level.

  • To fully exploit the potential of your technical and IT team: we are aware that the IT team is a pillar for the overall expansion of the company. By opting for Citizen Development, the technical team can free themselves from time-consuming obligations. They can embark on larger projects with the goal of using new technology to optimize the company’s revenue.
  • For a better employee experience: The Citizen Development strategy leaves room for new talent. Everyone can participate in the design of a business application, which promotes a sense of belonging and increases productivity.
  • To accelerate the digital transformation: the digitalization of a company is complicated. You have to keep up with the technological revolution, meet the needs of your employees and your business, while anticipating market changes. Citizen development will make it easier for you to achieve your digital objectives. It creates tangible opportunities for your company’s organization.

Citizen developers come as a backup to professional programmers. Until now, they only deal with simple applications.

U-ERP, the most advanced unified Low & no code platform in France

low& no code

Sikiwis is the forerunner of the Low & no code development approach on the French territory. Aware of the key issue of digitalization in the rise of a company, Sikiwis has created U-ERP. A unified platform based on a Low & no code architecture, U-ERP will guide you step by step in the design of your software solution.

U-ERP is more than a 100% digital, advanced and highly secure graphical interface. We offer customizable, scalable and reliable turnkey applications. Our web and mobile management software can be adapted to any business process. While we keep the promise of No code, the limits are exceeded with Low code. U-ERP assures you of a responsive, durable and low cost business application.

Take the Citizen development step with U-ERP. The sophistication and completeness of our platform multiply the possibilities.

With U-ERP, go beyond business applications. Design a complete and customized ERP thanks to our 4.0 technology.

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