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After 11 years of R&D, the Digitalizr ERP platform has just been nominated for the 2020 Global Industry Awards in the Digital Transformation category

Sikiwis, digital transformation actor and publisher of Digitalizr ERP, the web and mobile digital ERP for all business processes and resources, has been nominated in the Digital Transformation category for the GLOBAL INDUSTRY AWARDS 2020 competition.

DIGITALIZR ERP is a new generation of ERP that brings financial rigour but also digitalization on web and mobile app iOS and Android 100% of the company’s processes. The result of eleven years of Research and Development, DIGITALIZR ERP is based on a “Low and Zero Code” architecture that simplifies the integration and parameterization phases and makes it possible to dematerialize 100% of the internal operational processes, customers and suppliers.

We are very pleased that DIGITALIZR ERP has been selected as one of the finalists by the jury. We are reinventing the ERP by relying on an innovative zero code, full cloud architecture, natively integrating the latest technologies of web applications and smartphones. This selection comes after we received the Mobility Awards Technology Innovation Award a few months ago. Our platform proves its effectiveness since the traditional functions of ERP in accounting, CRM, asset management, inventory, production and maintenance, but also by digitalizing all business processes in web and smartphone application. Our technology today serves not only sales, accounting, but also maintenance, quality control, HR and even sports performance management for several Olympic teams. The “low and zero code” architecture ensures the maximum security conditions of the IS and guarantees a tailor-made adaptation to the company’s processes and each of its operational contexts. We continue to enrich the possibilities of DIGITALIZR ERP by working hand in hand with our customers.» , declares Paul Sitbon, President of Sikiwis.

About Glolbal Industrie

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About Sikiwis

Sikiwis is a major player in the digital and mobile transformation of businesses and organizations. He is the creator of DIGITALIZR ERP, the first ERP that carries the traditional functions of an ERP combined with a digital platform Zero Code in web and smartphone to digitalize in an innovative and ultra-fast way the internal and external business processes of the organizations. Founded in 2009 and based in Paris, Sikiwis was founded by Paul Sitbon, former Mckinsey&company consultant, former Director of Operations at Vinci, former Director of Information Systems Convergence at Veolia Environnement and former DSI at TRANSDEV North America. After 11 years of research and development and field operations in large companies, Sikiwis is supporting organizations in their digital transformation. Sikiwis serves many customers in the aeronautical, automotive, building and public works, energy, real estate, health, services and transportation sectors. For more information, go to http://uerp.com//





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