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Create MVPs in 2hours

The MVP – in English Minimum Viable Product – is in particular a solution embedding the essential functionalities required for an application. The MVP can be used to perform the critical functions of the target application. With a minimalist design, it is operational very quickly so that it can be tested by a target audience, limiting financial risk taking and waste of time. An MVP usually has a unique and specific function. The interface should focus on a feature of the application site. The purpose of the deployment is to reach innovators and early adopters who will be able to understand the vision proposed by a prototype or a marketing speech. The average time taken to complete an MVP ranges from a few weeks to a few months.

Sikiwis is the designer of Digitalizr ©, the first platform for native smartphone apps in zero code. Digitalizr © makes it easy to create applications that meet all generic business needs. With more than 300 software bricks, DIGITALIZR makes it possible to create MVPs that meet virtually any business application in just two hours.

The benefits are considerable: immediate creation alongside business teams and operational managers; drastic reduction of the production time; drastic reduction in the cost of production; real-time decision-making; instant field experiments.

Appathlon workshops also allow non-developer users to build their own MVPS applications. Supervised by the ISD, the use of this technology accelerates the transformation process and reduces shadow IT by providing a controlled framework for creating lightweight and distributable applications immediately.

This zero-code approach saves valuable time for companies wishing to accelerate their digitization by responding to early growth assumptions and value assumptions.

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