Human resources management within a company encompasses complex and time-consuming tasks. Administrative management, personnel management, talent management, recruitment, payroll, working hours, performance management, succession, it does not only concern employee data. For the digital transformation of the human resources department, we recommend the U-ERP HRIS. More than just an intelligent, real-time database, it helps you better manage the human factor.

What is U-ERP HRIS?

We are not aware that the human resources department accumulates a lot of files in paper format. Not only do these documents take up a lot of space, but sorting them out also takes time. To address these issues, while ensuring a healthy and eco-responsible work environment, HRIS is becoming more democratic. As an expert in digital transformation, SIKIWIS offers you U-ERP HRIS. Designed for small, medium and large companies, it simplifies the most complex and time-consuming tasks reserved for the HR function.
Thanks to its advanced technology, its functionalities and its technical characteristics, U-ERP HRIS is your 100% digital ally. A complete platform composed of several software bricks, it simplifies and lightens the management of human resources. It allows you to automate most of the tasks assigned to the HR department. Among other things, U-ERP HRIS is a modular software that allows you to efficiently manage the stages of the employee life cycle within a company. It comes into play from recruitment, through training to salary management. This platform is designed for the cloud. It integrates advanced tools accessible on the web or as a native mobile application for optimal accessibility. All employees can access the data centralized on the platform, subject to the software’s administration clauses.

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What you need to know about U-ERP HRIS?

U-ERP HRIS is the technological solution in the HR field that suits you. This modern IT solution brings together all your HR processes in a single environment. Your solutions are built using no-code or low-code approaches, are fully configurable and are delivered 20 times faster. You can adapt U-ERP HRIS to the needs of your HR department and the requirements of your industry.
U-ERP HRIS impacts the efficiency of the human resources department. This multi-functional software allows for the proactive management of employees and their skills. Measuring the value and commitment of each employee will be even easier with U-ERP HRIS. In addition, this platform is equipped with a self-service HR portal with a dashboard and numerous business intelligence tools.

What to do with U-ERP HRIS? 

Make no mistake, U-ERP HRIS will not only be used for digitization and automation. It is capable of interacting with different types of business applications. What’s more, U-ERP HRIS complies with the regulations in force, particularly the labor law, in addition to accounting and tax standards. The same is true for the regulations in force concerning data retention.
U-ERP SIRH is a customized software, specific to the human resources department. Nevertheless, its use is beneficial for all departments within a company. In addition to reducing management costs and saving time, U-ERP HRIS opens up many possibilities.
– Follow all the applications for your job offers.
– Save time by signing your documents remotely thanks to the 100% secure electronic signature.
– Produce your payslips in record time with default integration of your collective agreement rules.
– Produce and transmit your regulatory DSNs automatically.
– Manage absences by automatically integrating them into the payslip.
– Plan attendance by defining time rules specific to your activity.
– Offer permanent access to all your employees on their personal space with all their HR information.
– Automate the distribution of your information by email, SMS and PUSH notification by selecting the recipients of each campaign.
– Train your employees by creating your own Serious Games.
– Create and set up evaluation forms intuitively by attaching them to a training course and indicating the periodicity.
Strengthen the support of your employees while gaining in proximity to optimize the well-being at work. U-ERP HRIS guarantees concrete and immediate gains in terms of productivity, efficiency and added value.

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U-ERP HRIS allows you to follow your recruitments step by step according to your internal processes. Starting with the job offer, you can schedule interviews and track all candidates through a centralized database. Based on this information, the employment contract is automatically generated by the system. Once the person joins the company, he will have access to his documents from his personal space.


With U-ERP TRAINING, easily manage your training sessions. Create your Serious Games and make them available to your employees. Moreover, this software allows you to manage your rooms, while creating documents and forms. Your Dashboard is fully customizable. It gathers all your statistics to follow your activity more easily.


What about traditional tools for employee tracking, discover U-ERP TIMESHEET. Your employees can record their working hours in one click for a traceability of the missions. Thanks to U-ERP Timesheet, the employee will be able to detail his activities and classify them by category, mentioning the time spent for each achievement.

Payroll and DSN

U-ERP PAYROLL allows you to produce your pay slips in record time with the default integration of your collective agreement rules. In addition, the automatic generation of the DSN is included. With the PAYROLL platform, your employees have permanent access to their personal space and can retrieve all their HR documents. Simplify absence declarations with automatic inclusion in the payroll. Digitalize your expense reports, define your validation processes and automatically integrate them into the pay slip.

How to obtain U-ERP HRIS ?

Did you know that U-ERP HRIS is the result of 14 years of research and development in business process solutions? In the phase of digitalization of your company, think about an intelligent and customizable solution for human resources management. Indeed, U-ERP HRIS is available in web and mobile versions in a responsive way.

Developed by the high-level professionals at SIKIWIS, U-ERP HRIS is dedicated to human resources management. It is a profitable investment in the long term. You can take advantage of it by contacting the sales team directly by email at contact@sikiwis.com or by calling 09 50 08 85 87. Our team is at your disposal for questions, installation, training and various settings. Our strong experience and expert resources in the field of human resources ensure the highest level of digital maturity for your HR dematerialization and support platform.

Mobile applications

This HCM Human Capital Management platform is fully exploitable on PWA web applications – Progressive Web Apps – and smartphones in native iOS and Android code. It is operational regardless of network conditions for use in disconnected mode between a few hours and a few days.

All the devices are designed in no-code architecture and allow you to respond quickly and precisely to your needs.

UERP HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT – Enter next generation HR Information System

HCM no & low code platform

UERP HCM – The expert platform for Human Capital Management

  1. CANDIDATES FLOWS – Collaborative flow management of candidates
  2. RECRUITS ONBOARDING – Onboarding of new recruits
  3. DOCUMENTS SAFE – Personal Documents Safe management
  4. ZEN – Teams positiveness tracking
  5. TIMESHEETS – Timesheets Management per user, per team, per site
  6. PRESENCE – Presence management
  7. REVIEWS – People periodic reviews
  9. ON LEAVE – Absence reporting and workflows
  10. ON CALL – On call management
  11. TRAINING – Training programs management
  12. SERIOUS GAME – Serious game campaigns for knowledge assessments

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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