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Simplify your company’s training management with U-ERP Training

Organize your teams training with our dynamic and comprehensive digital solution

U-ERP Training

Whatever the field of activity of your company, training can only be beneficial for employees. It allows you to fill the skills gap, while making internal mobility a success. However, designing a customized training that meets the company's objectives and the expectations of future participants remains complicated, unless you have an intelligent digital tool. U-ERP Training is the right technological solution for you. Combined with U-ERP HRIS, this training management platform guarantees a good ROI with a better user experience.

All about U-ERP Training

In addition to the impregnation of new recruits, the updating of hard and soft skills allows us to adapt to the evolution of our professions. In the same way, relevant training is essential in the context of an increase in competence. It is part of the global strategy of a company, while meeting its challenges and objectives. But it is still necessary to overcome organizational and budgetary constraints. It is in this context that U-ERP Training finds its legitimacy. A 100% digital solution designed for training management, it is part of a continuous improvement process.

What is U-ERP Training?

After 13 years of research and development in business process solutions, SIKIWIS presents U-ERP Training. Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company or a large corporation, U-ERP Training will perfectly match your expectations. Indeed, this new generation platform is dedicated to the management of training in companies. In other words, U-ERP Training facilitates the management of training processes. Because of its complete and advanced interface, the training will meet the real needs of the company and its employees.

Why choose U-ERP Training?

Without limiting itself to its low-code architecture, U-ERP Training stands out for its innovative functionalities and its ease of deployment. It is a digital tool that is entirely customizable, scalable and in line with the current technological revolution.  In addition to the administrative management of your training (selection of participants, convocation, attendance sheets, etc.), U-ERP Training allows you to follow your training from start to finish:

  • Create a customized training course based on Serious Game. Adapt the training plan to the human factors of your company to guarantee its success;
  • Manage your facilities and plan the reservation of rooms, equipment and seats available for training;
  • Easily track training. Check the involvement of trainers and the success of their teaching methods;
  • Produce specific documents and forms for each training course;
  • Track the training budget for better visibility of ROI;
  • Save time on the development and execution of the company’s and employees’ skills development plan. Access a customizable dashboard with analytical data.

The digitalization of training in a company is an integral part of the digital transformation of the HR department. Its success is based on the follow-up of the courses and the follow-up of the processes. U-ERP Training is fully in line with these points of vigilance. In addition to monitoring actions through reporting, U-ERP Training allows you to optimize the training process in compliance with the RGPD.

How to install U-ERP Training ?

Do you want to increase efficiency and personalize the content of training within your company? Rely on our training management and course animation system U-ERP Training. It will be your best ally for the digitalization of training within your company. To convince you, our team is at your disposal for a demonstration. Based on your specific needs, we will make the necessary settings. We guarantee an efficient software solution that complies with current regulations.

To ensure the success of your digitalization, we provide personalized support. In addition to our digital experts, you will have the right to regularly monitor the progress of the digital transformation. In case of doubt, refer to our professional, qualified and attentive team. We will know how to put forward the best solution to turn your problem into an opportunity.