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U-ERP MY VAULT: an advanced digital archiving system

Manage the employee's safe with our dynamic and complete digital solution

At the heart of the digital transformation, especially in the human resources department, a digital safe is an innovative and ecological alternative. Beyond data storage, it is a secure, durable and easily accessible system. U-ERP MY VAULT is the solution that meets your needs to simplify communication with your employees. Developed by Sikiwis, it will be your best ally in the evolution of your company’s information system.


U-ERP MY VAULT is an innovative application that has been imagined and developed by the SIKIWIS team. Based on a low&no code platform, it offers a 100% digital safe, accessible on the web and in mobile application for all employees. Indeed, U-ERP MY VAULT is one of the complementary solutions for the digitalization of a company’s HR processes.

U-ERP MY VAULT is a complete and dynamic digital solution. Ideally designed to manage your team’s information, it is one of the key modules that can be activated on the U-ERP platform. Indeed, U-ERP MY VAULT allows you to mobilize the full power of the latest technologies for the security and integrity of your employees’ data.

Manage your employees' information

Simplify the management of your employees’ data through U-ERP MY VAULT. A highly secure digital safe, the settings are simple. It can hold all the employee’s personal information. Each employee will be able to store elements related to his or her work contract, preferences, paid transport tickets or mutual insurance membership.

In accordance with article L3243-4 of the labor code, U-ERP MY VAULT allows you to store payslips. Note that these pay slips can be generated automatically from the PAYROLL module or via third-party solutions. To facilitate the link between employees and the human resources department, U-ERP MY VAULT integrates a question interface. It will be useful for administrative and HR questions.

Benefit from optimal security

Democratized by the RGPD law of 25-05-2018, a company is in the obligation to guarantee the security of its employees’ data. Unfortunately, human resources and paper documents are fallible, not to mention the risk of loss. To remedy this, consider U-ERP MY VAULT. It includes a digital safe that perfectly protects the professional and confidential documents of each employee. In addition, falsification is virtually impossible due to the digital seal. What’s more, transparency is maximum because of the traceability of operations related to the documents saved on the safe.

Reduce your costs and be more efficient

Achieving digital maturity involves multiple challenges and radical changes. Nevertheless, it allows a company to save a lot of money. With the U-ERP MY VAULT digital safe, you will be done with printing, enveloping and paper cabinets. The data of all employees will be stored on an advanced platform, especially as quality and efficiency are increasing. Each actor will have access to a real time follow-up.

You offer your employees access to key information about them: elements of their employment contract, history of evaluations, planned training, other regulatory documents and of course their history of pay slips with guaranteed archiving for 50 years, even after they leave the company.


Provides a key business management function


Easy and quick to deploy


500 business modules to meet all dematerialization needs


Ensures an unparalleled return on investment


Based on your needs and wishes


Available in multiple languages in different countries

Mobile applications

This employee vault platform is fully usable on PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and smartphone applications in native iOS and Android code. It is operational regardless of network conditions for use in disconnected mode between a few hours and a few days.

All the devices are designed in no-code architecture and allow to respond quickly and precisely to your needs.