Cover 100% of your Business Processes

DIGITALIZR comes loaded with 300 ready-to-use modules, with three new modules added every week. DIGITALIZR will also support the building of your own libraries to continuously increase your digitalization capabilities.

Full of Amazing Features

From simple forms mobile applications to full blown multi-purpose apps factory, DIGITALIZR will fully answer your specific requirements

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Digitalizr comes with powerful plugins and APIs which can be activated and operated instantly. With Digitalizr, there is always more.

Designed with the utmost care and using the finest programming practices, Digitalizr will deliver you world class software and practices throughout your organization

Digitalizr is web responsive in sync with pure native mobile apps to ensure your teams have permanent access to your key software services

Digitalizr is full of breathtaking predesigned data models which are tailor built for each specific business environment. All of this ensures you can set up a fully functional digital platform and mobile applications in no time.

Digitalizr provides integrated connectors that let you easily recover data from and transfer data to third party software, ERP and business applications

Our support team is there for you. Simply submit a ticket to our support system and one of our expert agents will get in touch and help you out with anything you need.