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Q2 2018 – Sikiwis records significant revenue surge

SIKIWIS is pleased to report a significant revenue surge for its second quarter results. Q2 2018 revenues more than doubled compared to Q2 2017, illustrating a growing adoption of Sikiwis’ Digitalizr zero code apps factory.

SIKIWIS clients now include several global players in energy, construction, parts manufacturing, services and defense. During the second quarter, Digitalizr was leveraged to support increasingly strategic services and features. Over 60 distinct MVP – Minimum Viable Product – business apps were delivered over the course of the second quarter. Five leading corporations conducted SIKIWIS’ appathlon workshops where non-developer managers and process owners created their own app skelettons.

« We are excited to observe this significant revenue increase as a direct illustration of fast adoption of our DIGITALIZR technology. All indicators confirm the relevance of the software architecture we built for industry 4.0 and connected workforce. We want to thank our clients for their ongoing confidence and our teams for their strong involvement in building unique digital technologies and delivering the highest quality and performance levels. Our R&D plans aim at further increasing the capabilities of our zero code apps platform-factory by building on our technological advance» stated Paul Sitbon, CEO of SIKIWIS.



Sikiwis is a major player in the digital and mobile transformation of businesses and organizations. Sikiwis digitizes the internal and external processes of organizations with national and international footprints in an innovative and ultra-fast way. Based in Paris, Sikiwis was founded in 2009 by Paul Sitbon, former McKinsey & Company consultant, former director at Vinci and former director of convergence of information systems and Web at Veolia Environnement. After ten years of research & development and continuous field implementation, Sikiwis supports organizations in their digital transformation via a revolutionary platform, the first zero code digital factory. Sikiwis serves a large number of customers in the following sectors: buildings and public works, energy, services, high performance sports, financial services and more generally organizations with decentralized operations.


Digitalizr is the first digital zero-code platform-factory for Industry 4.0 and connected workforce. The result of ten years of research and development at Sikiwis, this development platform allows the industrialization of the production of business mobile apps. It digitizes all the business processes of companies using 300 dedicated modules that can be set up anywhere as it is available in 23 languages. Thanks to the zero code approach, Digitalizr reduces to zero the risk of errors generated by the code while drastically limiting the time spent on the maintenance of the applications. Sikiwis’ Digitalizr zero digital code factory has been selected to integrate EY’s Innovation Lab. For more information, go to http://uerp.com//digitalizr/

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