U-ERP PROJECTS - The expert project management platform



U-ERP PROJECTS is a complete configurable and customisable system allowing you to manage your projects, your teams and your documents with differents tools and reports.

The no code platform expert in project management

  • Identify internal experts
  • Monitor skills
  • Model the business and geographical characteristics of the organisation
  • Model typical projects and workflows by domain
  • Benefit from simplified project management
  • Benefit from collective project intelligence
  • Organise tasks and their deadlines
  • Manage your business lines / domains / regions / BUs centrally and decentrally
  • Make decisions quickly
  • Analyse financial reporting with consolidation by business line / domain / region / BU
  • Monitor project progress with automatic reporting
  • Access the project feedback database
Why choose U-ERP PROJECTS? 

Thanks to U-ERP PROJECTS, organise your company by filling in your teams, your roles and your competences.

  • Add your projects by filling in the information you want (person in charge, dates, important stages, contacts…) and associate them to your teams.
  • Follow the evolution of your projects with simplified dashboards classified by project. These tables show the project’s progress in the form of a loading bar and by status.
  • Classify your projects according to the stages, evolution and progress of your projects.

Thanks to U-ERP PROJECTS, you can easily manage the calendar and the Gantt of your projects.

A multi-operational platform

U-ERP PROJECTS creates visual charts, a simplified vision of the project in timeline, in order to follow the evolution of the project in an efficient way.

  • Use configurable financial reports (by project, job, domain, region…).
  • Easily manage your employees’ working time with a timesheet, simplifying your invoices and project follow-up.
  • Take advantage of the regular and automatic reports sent to all project collaborators to follow the evolution of the project and facilitate team communication.

U-ERP PROJECTS integrates an intelligent system of decision support and quick decision making allowing you to be accompanied and to have an expertise according to the information given or collected.

How to download U-ERP PROJECTS? 

You will have access to a demonstration specific to your needs with the evolution of all the stages of the installation. We accompany you throughout a training session in order to give you all the keys to the parameterization actions and to have a regular follow-up with our digital experts who will be there to answer your possible questions.

Mobile Applications

This training management platform is fully usable on PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and smartphone applications in native iOS and Android code. It is operational regardless of network conditions for use in disconnected mode between a few hours and a few days.

All the devices are designed in no-code architecture and allow to respond quickly and precisely to your needs.

Integrates with your existing systems in record time with our connector banks

Adapts to your organization, your processes and your environment regardless of their complexity

Mobilizes all the interactive capabilities of the web and mobile