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Referentials Distribution Engine

Mobilize and distribute any referential in web and mobile apps

UERP Distribution engine for repositories

Harness the full power of the latest generation technologies with the repository distribution engine on the web and mobile application. Improve collaboration between your teams thanks to a complete and dynamic digital solution. Take advantage of the 300 other modules that can be activated on your UERP platform.

Adopt the repository distribution engine

  • The platform makes it possible to integrate repositories from third-party systems, for example hardware repositories, categories of equipment, product catalogs, etc.
  • The platform’s unique architecture makes it possible to pool repository integrations in order to distribute them to multiple application environments.
  • These repositories can then be mobilized in web applications but also in smartphone applications operating in offline mode.
  • Repositories can be integrated with report forms or business processes that can lead to referrals of updated operational data to originating systems. Referentials distribution engine is the tool that increases the potential for using your business repositories.