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Attendance Planning

Manage attendance on web and mobile apps


Harness the full power of the latest technologies with your attendance planning solution, available on web and mobile app. Build trust in your customer relationship easily with our comprehensive and dynamic solution. Benefit from the 300 other active modules on your UERP platform.


With the Attendance planning solution you can :

  • plan your events, organize your invitations by group, issue invitations automatically, generate attendee badges for mass printing, then check invitees by QR code scan.
  • the platform also makes it possible to manage the planning of conferences and workshops and then to establish statistics on the lists of participants by workshop.
  • Create a virtual representation of the event site, plan your conferences and workshops, manage your guests by type – interns, speakers, security, press, standard guests, VIP guests etc.

The platform manages the profiles of the participants, the transmission of invitations, the recording of confirmations of participation, the sending of access cards, the issuance of participant badges. Participants access the program via a dedicated mobile application, access control is done by scanning QT code from the administrator applications directly on the participants’ applications or by printed invitation. Conference participation is again recorded by scanning participants’ badges. Finally, the platform manages networking between participants present at the event. With attendance planning, you have an advanced solution to manage the attendees of your events. With Attendance planning you have an advanced solution for managing participants in your events