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APPATHLON D4 DISRUPT DIGITAL DELIVERY DAY: Practice before anything else

SIKIWIS DIGITALIZR held this month of May several APPATHLON D4 DISRUPT DIGITAL DELIVERY DAY within several large companies in France. Organized by CIOs, digital, innovation and operational excellence departments, these days aim to demonstrate in situ in a few hours how to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation in large companies, delivering up to 50 custom business mobile apps. These applications are thought of by the employees and process owners who are invited to this APPATHLON D4 workshop day. They participate in a unique session of Design Experience, transforming them all into “digital heroes “.


The DIGITALIZR platform allows these participants – either individually or in teams – to create native mobile applications that support simple to very complex business processes in a matter of hours. Among these applications created in the workshop are ITIL process applications (IT), on-call management applications, project management applications, business processes, suppliers on-boarding, business processes management, document digitization, timesheets and work day reports, industrial processes management, knowledge sharing, resource booking systems, multilingual communication or location based equipment tracking and maintenance.


The participants thus show an accelerated maturity on these new digital tools and become major contributors to the digitization process initiated by the company.


For more information on how to organize a workshop APPATHLON D4 please use the contact form of this site.

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