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Our advice to choose the best ERP software

From our experts at U-ERP

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More and more companies are dedicating their business creating ERP software and packages, leaving a wide range of choices for customers in need of ERP. This makes it difficult to study all the companies’ solutions to find the one that will best suit your needs. 

How do you choose the software that will best suit your needs?

Keys of a successful Choice of your ERP

What is an ERP?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system integrating many modules such as production management, inventory management, HR, finance (and many others…) to facilitate the organization of a company. This system is constantly evolving and today, we are looking to integrate Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence processes.
This type of software is integrated into the company and must be able to adapt to its functioning. This is why there are various solutions depending on the size of the company (VSE, SME, multinational, etc.) and its sector. In addition, there are also different choices as to how the data can be hosted:

  • Cloud: hosted by the provider, the provider also takes care of the maintenance
  • Website: you are in control of your ERP! (everything is under your responsibility)
  • Hybrid: Why choose? Sometimes a mix of the two formats fits your needs better

These solutions can be permanent or 100% customizable.

Selection criteria to choose your ERP

Here are our tips that will help you to see the elements to emphasize when choosing your ERP software

Your first goal is to find a solution adapted to your needs, including all the functionalities necessary for the good functioning of your company.

You also want a software that LASTS in time, a solution that will last for your company…

…BUT also a solution that is secure, not only for the data but also for the users.

Moreover, your solution must be adaptable to all! It must be easy to use to avoid loss of time or understanding when receiving data and using the application.

Don’t forget your budget when searching! Since a little more than a year, it is difficult to relaunch your activity… Don’t waste time and money on solutions that don’t suit you. Use an efficient software and provide you with the best possible ROI.

Use the right method to analyze your business and develop your potential.

Think about the internationalization of your company! Are you on your way (or already well advanced) to globalizing your company’s services? Choose a solution that will be adaptable to a maximum of languages!

Why choose our U-ERP solution?

At U-ERP, we put you at the heart of our solutions. We offer you solutions adapted to your needs. We deliver complete ERP applications, including the integration of decision-making tools (with control and analysis of KPIs), the integration and restitution of all data, as well as all business processes involved in the management of a company (including different levels of setting and access rights).

Low code, no code and composable ERP

An optimized Return On Investment

A better data

Low code, no code, and composable ERP

We adapt our work to your request, indeed, whatever the size of your company, or the sector in which you exercise, we will be able to answer your request, in particular thanks to the no-code and the low-code.

Indeed, our technology is based on no-code, which is a way to create web (and mobile!) applications without needing any knowledge in development. We also use low-code, which allows us to customize your future application to your image and adapt it to your needs, by coding lightly.

Thanks to this technology, we promise a short creation time for an effective and sophisticated application (in a few days or weeks). We also promise a fast and efficient installation of your application, and all this, at low cost.

An optimized Return On Investment

Moreover, do not neglect the calculation of the ROI (Return On Investment) and the budget you wish to allocate to this project! Indeed, this is an extremely important step before investing in an ERP system, which is a medium and long-term investment. U-ERP can offer you efficient, scalable and complete solutions that will be adapted to your budget. We offer excellent results despite a small budget.

Of course, you must not forget to use the right method to study your business and develop your capabilities. At U-ERP, we have our own method that will allow you to build an ERP based on your current and real needs. Thanks to tools such as collective intelligence, we place you at the heart of the software creation process to enable you to obtain a solution that is as close as possible to your needs and that will be perfectly adapted to the development of your potential.

A better data security

The essence of an ERP system lies not only in the correspondence with your needs, and the durability (or not) of this software, but also in the security of the data. Indeed, how to ensure a good functioning of the company if the data are not secured?

Thanks to your future platform, all data will be secured by a firewall and by the infrastructure of the application. We also have modules such as e-signature, which is the electronic signature of contracts in a fast, secure and legal way. Your new application will also allow you to block unwanted users (thanks to access rights) and to trace all modifications made on the platform (for a better data security and for the traceability of your information).

You imagine
We create

We Are U

A simple and ergonomic interface

An evolutive technology to ensure the durability of your ERP

A multilingual ERP

A simple and ergonomic interface

Your software will be adapted and adaptable to all types of users, employees as well as customers, using an intuitive, simple, dynamic and ergonomic interface. The learning curve is quick and, in case of difficulty (for a complex application for example), our team will be happy to provide you with support to help you integrate your application within your company. The user experience has never been so simple and satisfying.Votre logiciel sera adapté et adaptable à tous types d’utilisateurs, employés comme clients, à l’aide d’une interface intuitive, simple, dynamique et ergonomique. La prise en main se fait rapidement et, en cas de difficulté (pour une application complexe par exemple), notre équipe sera ravie de vous fournir un support afin de vous aider à intégrer votre application au sein de votre entreprise. L’expérience utilisateur n’aura jamais été aussi simple et satisfaisante.

An evolutive technology to ensure the durability of your ERP

We offer you continuous updates to get the best results and to have an application always at the cutting edge of technology. We put you at the center of our business, which is why we are here to help you throughout the process, thanks to the technical support offered by our teams, but also after delivery of your application, with our maintenance provided by our experts.

A multilingual ERP

Last but not least, the international aspect. Indeed, the software must be adapted to the legal provisions of the client countries, and must be easy and intuitive to use for all. For this purpose, in addition to an efficient interface, our solutions are available in 23 languages.

We hope this article has helped guide you on the right path to choosing your future ERP. If you are interested in our services and solutions, do not hesitate to request a demonstration from our website. At the bottom of the page, you will find a form to contact us and start this new adventure!