Digitalizr Maintenance - Advanced maintenance systems on web and mobile apps

A world class platform for industry 4.0

Digitalizr Maintenance is next-generation technology for managing large maintenance programs. Maintenance of works, maintenance of equipment, predictive maintenance, planned maintenance. Digitalizr Maintenance embeds all the bricks for advanced management of maintenance programs in the most sensitive environments

Digitalizr Maintenance covers all major dimensions of site maintenance, industrial maintenance and equipment maintenance. Benefit from a unique platform that leverages the most advanced interactive technologies to bring the performance of your maintenance programs into a new dimension

Create a digital reproduction of your sites and buildings to the appropriate level, create one or many maintenance procedures, customize reports by domain or multi-criteria, simplify opening anomaly sheets, manage transmissions to relevant departments for resolution and add fully configurable validation workflows

Create or retrieve a work order or work authorization with traceability of equipment location, and configurable logging. The report forms leverage 60 types of dynamic questions and are instantly configurable and updateable for an unlimited number of reports

Plan maintenance daily, weekly, etc .. by building or equipment location. Simplify access to area and sub-area specific maintenance programs, facilitate network and non-network logging, and record time spent performing each maintenance and control operation

Plan daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, etc .. by location of the work and equipment attached and assign maintenance and control operations to an operator or group of operators

Perform maintenance, repair or retouching of equipment placed on the workshop with traceability of equipment location and referrals of these on sites.

Integrate your suppliers into the management of your maintenance programs: receipt of deliveries, on-site audits, declaration of non-compliance, parts returns, tracking of resolutions: associate your partners in all phases of your maintenance cycles with available monitoring tools in web access and on native mobile application, for vios internal teams as for your suppliers

Define the maintenance areas, model your site and equipment architecture, define your control points by zone and equipment and view all blocking points by domain reported by your teams on an industrial site

Digitalizr Maintenance integrates an IoT interconnection platform for connection to your various sensor platforms and object data transmission. Seamlessly integrate your different IoT networks to complement your planning and decision tools

In web access and on smartphone application for off-line use: Digitalizr Maintenance supports the decisions of your employees with advanced graphical interfaces and the generation of visual reports such as barcharts, curves, Kiviat diagrams and many others

Digitalizr Maintenance integrates seamlessly with leading expert tools on the market: SAP, Maximo, Infor, etc., Digitalizr offers connector banks and accelerated integration for mobile porting of these systems using the most advanced mobile technologies .

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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