Digitalizr Marketplace – The expert platform for monitoring Environmental, Social and Governance practices

DIGITALIZR PEOPLE FLOWS – The expert platform for people flows

  1. DigitalizrMarketPlace groups together all partner businesses and services geolocated on a map
  2. Each partner company has a website allowing it to sell online, by delivery or click & collect
  3. Advanced content management for all your merchants with product catalogs
  4. Personalization of your account (colors, logos, icons, funds, administration, etc.)
  5. Ability to import your database or create it on DigitalizrMarketPlace
  6. Management of administrator rights by store
  7. Monthly accounting system for traders
  8. Track transactions with a dashboard
  9. Accessible on Android and iOS mobiles via a dedicated application
  10. Creation of a loyalty system for your users
  11. Animation of the platform with newsletters, satisfaction forms, etc.
  12. Possibility of setting up a stock management system for your traders
  13. Possibility of activating or programming push notifications to transmit information (SMS, alert, email …)

Digitalizr MarketPlace is an online platform bringing together all partner businesses and services by geolocating them on a map. The location of the platform user is also retrieved to allow him to identify any merchants or partner services near his position. He can access company information with a simple click on the map.

The solution is configurable; the colors of your graphic charter, the icons or signs that you wish to incorporate as well as the wallpapers are fully customizable. In order not to lose data, you have the option of importing or exporting your information database or simply creating it on Digitalizr. The platform allows partner companies to easily create their own website. This place offers them the opportunity to present their company (links, videos, photos, texts) and their products. We can also set up a stock management system to facilitate the work of partner traders.

The solution integrates a solidarity loyalty system between merchants and services which can be adjusted according to customer demand.
Manage the platform independently, give roles and rights to your users as well as your administrators. Bring your MarkePlace to life with newsletters, push notifications, SMS and other information systems! A report of these campaigns will be available in order to improve your communications and data collection.

Digitalizr MarketPlace gives users the choice to consume the products and services; whether online, delivery or click and collect, anything is possible! Merchants have a monthly accounting report, as well as transaction monitoring highlighted by a dashboard allowing them to direct and analyze their business according to their needs.

The solution can be deployed through the latest generations of responsive web software (PWA – Progressive Web App) and on native iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android smartphone applications. Sikiwis supports you in getting started with the platform through various means such as tutorials or meetings, so that you can make it your own.

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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