Bring your IT services company into a new dimension of growth by joining the low & no code wave

The low no code revolution

Low no code revolutionizes software production:

  • Low no code makes it possible to produce business applications in web and mobile mode 20 times faster.
  • This technology addresses 100% of the processes of all organizations, all sectors, all sizes.

According to Gartner, 80% of applications will be supported by a low and no code platform by 2024.

Advanced technology for your growth

U-ERP is an award-winning technology with accelerated R&D:

  • U-ERP is a software industry platform built over 13 years of R&D in low and no code architecture
  • Your business applications in web and mobile mode 20 times faster
  • A technology that covers 100% of the processes of all organizations, all sectors, all sizes
  • Deliver business processes, asset management, resource planning
  • A low-code factory platform that embeds 500 business modules
  • Already 800 applications delivered and several million downloads
  • High-level governance: ex-McKinsey Operations Excellence; CIO of major groups; Director of Operations
Why join the U-ERP Gold and Certified Partner Program?

As a low and no code platform integrator, you :

  • Don’t miss the low and no code train
  • Increase your project delivery capacity to your customers
  • Increase significantly your turnover through the extension of your business volume and U-ERP commissions
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with expert solutions that meet any need
  • Join our community of partners and build relationships with them through U-ERP events
  • A win-win partnership

What does it mean to become a U-ERP PARTNER?

U-ERP RESELLER : You become a distributor of U-ERP low & no code platforms. No technical skills are required.

U-ERP CERTIFIED PARTNER : You become a distributor of U-ERP solutions with technical skills.

U-ERP GOLD PARTNER : You become a distributor of U-ERP solutions. You integrate the technology into third-party systems.

By becoming a partner editor of low & no code platforms, you benefit from several advantages:

  • Becoming a U-ERP PARTNER means benefiting from a set of disruptive technologies under privileged conditions
  • You are rewarded directly on the volume of product placement
  • Your teams learn low and no code agility work methods to increase their delivery capacities

How to collaborate

Your teams learn low & no code agile methods that drastically reduce delivery times. A “time-to-market” divided by 20: increase the number of use cases covered by your customers.

Large accounts and Mid Caps offers

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Application factory
  • Industrialize the production of business applications
  • Create an unlimited number of applications
  • An expert, no code and unified platform
ERP improvement
  • Upgrade your existing ERP in all dimensions of your business
  • Activate and desactivate modules in a flash
  • Integrate with your third-party systems through APIs
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Customized solutions
  • Any solution on web (PWA), iOS or Android
  • Specific standard or custom applications
  • A match with 100% of your specifications

SME and Associations offers

  • Deliver turnkey ERP from sales, purchasing, production, maintenance, HR, payroll, accounting and finance with bank account integration
  • Distribute fully customizable CRMs with electronic signature for quotes, contracts and orders
RH_propre_ bis
  • Provide advanced HRIS solutions with all HR processes in web and smartphone applications
  • Also provide payroll solutions fully integrated with HRIS


Integrates with your existing systems in the shortest possible time with our connector banks

Adapts to your organization, your processes and your environment regardless of their complexity

Mobilizes all the interactive capabilities of the web and mobile



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