Sikiwis Wins 1st Prize for Technological Innovation for Zero Code Technology at 2019 Mobility Awards

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Sikiwis Wins 1st Prize for Technological Innovation for Zero Code Technology at 2019 Mobility Awards


Sikiwis Wins 1st Prize for Technological Innovation for Zero Code Technology at 2019 Mobility Awards

After 10 years of R&D, the zero-code technology of the Digitalizr mobile business applications production platform has been awarded at the Mobility for Business show in Paris

Paris, October 2, 2019 – Sikiwis, a major player in the digital transformation and creator of Digitalizr, the first mobile DPA (Digital Process Automation) platform in Zero Code for smartphones, just received the Best Technological Innovation Award at the famous Mobility Awards 2019 for its Zero Code technology. This technology is based on the Digitalizr platform.

After 10 years of field R&D in major accounts, Sikiwis has developed the first Zero Code business application technology with a method for large-scale digitization of all processes in a company or group. This ability to industrialize the creation of mobile applications is accessible to all business users.

“We are very pleased to have been rewarded for the zero-code technology on our Digitalizr platform and to be part of the best 2019 mobile solutions. We are committed to continuing to evolve, simplify and accelerate the digitalization of business applications by working hand in hand with our customers.” said Paul Sitbon, President of Sikiwis.

Programming in “Zero Code” and using the library of the 300 Digitalizr modules can reduce application development and creation times by up to 90%. The zero code production also allows to create MVP of web and/or mobile applications in 4 hours, regardless of the application specifications. This instant creation of MVP represents a significant asset to allow business teams to immediately view an application project that meets 80% of their expectations and then also to specify very quickly additional specifications required. This represents a significant time saving, particularly in the context of large-scale digital transformation programs.

The application production procedures have been simplified to the extreme in order to allow any user to create simple applications but can go as far as composing a complete ERP managing all web resources and native smartphone applications.

This innovation enables many business application digitisation projects to be carried out simultaneously, since this is carried out in a series and self-learning manner. It makes it possible to combine the constraints of the IT and business lines: to innovate quickly, to streamline processes while guaranteeing the security of data and flows.

In addition to the innovation brought by each employee in optimising their processes when they are digitised, the Digitalizr platform meets multiple needs of the organisation: creating a true digital workplace, optimizing processes to gain safety – quality – productivity, this by promoting employee experience, reducing the time and costs of application development and therefore maintenance, maintaining its competitive advantages.

About the Mobility Awards

The 6th edition of the Mobility Awards highlights best practices in occupational mobility. In addition to the organisers of the show, the jury awarding the awards is mainly made up of specialised journalists from the IT press, as well as representatives of user clubs and major market contractors. This year, more than 45 validated files were judged in order to award the best mobile solutions in 2019!

About Sikiwis

Sikiwis is a major player in the digital and mobile transformation of companies and organizations. It is the creator of DIGITALIZR, the first platform of Digital Process Automation Zero Code for smartphone. Sikiwis is digitizing the internal and external business processes of global organisations in an innovative and ultra-fast way. Founded in 2009 and based in Paris, Sikiwis was founded by Paul Sitbon, former Mckinsey&company consultant, former Vinci Manager and former Director of Information Systems and Web Convergence at Veolia Environnement. After ten years of research and development and field implementation in large companies, Sikiwis is supporting organizations in their digital transformation via a revolutionary platform. Sikiwis serves many clients in the following sectors: aeronautics, automotive, buildings and public works, energy, real estate and health and transportation, as well as any organization with a decentralized environment. For more information, go to http://uerp.com//

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