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Purchasing and Sourcing

Advanced solutions for purchasing and vendor management


Mobilize the full power of the latest generation technologies with Purchasing, available on the web and mobile application. Manage your supplier database as well as all of your purchasing and sourcing processes in project mode. Take advantage of the 300 other modules that can be activated on your UERP platform.

Purchasing is the management platform for your supplier database in project mode

The platform’s purchasing and sourcing modules allow you to manage your supplier base as well as all of your purchasing and sourcing processes in project and collaborative mode. Build my tender documents collaboratively starting from template bases, mobilize the power of drag and drop to build your market documentation, manage your processes as a team, use evaluation grids at key stages, ensure the workflows for validating contract documents before their publication.

The purchasing and sourcing modules guarantee the entire process in collaborative mode and also guarantee the capitalization of the documents produced and elements of knowledge in order to accelerate the construction of the following markets and to continuously improve their quality. Purchasing and sourcing increases the productivity of your purchasing teams.