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Manage your OCR device with our dynamic and comprehensive digital solution


Mobilize the full power of the latest generation technologies with the OCR solution available on the web and mobile application. Make electronic voting easier in a meeting or referendum. Take advantage of the 300 other modules that can be activated on your UERP platform.

Use the platform’s OCR devices to speed up all your document processing and human-machine interactions.

Our OCR solution includes character and text recognition in documents uploaded to the platform in any format: word, excel, ppt, pdf, png, jpg.

This text and character recognition allows both the real-time use of content with an artificial intelligence logic that allows progressive learning of the correct recognition of the content of documents uploaded to the platform; and at the same time the indexing of content so that the platform’s search engines can locate the appropriate documents corresponding to the user’s context.

The OCR solution is also usable on smartphones through the recognition by the smartphone application on iOS and Android of the texts scanned by the user in order to accelerate the recognition of devices by OCR reading of their ID number for example.
In addition to simple character recognition, the smartphone application solution also includes OCR reading with AI capable of identifying the contents of a scanned document and preassigning them for correction/validation by the user.
The OCR solution opens up new perspectives in all your document and object interactivity.