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Contact Lists

Manage your contact lists with our dynamic and comprehensive digital solution


Harness the full power of the latest technologies with your contact lists, available on web and mobile app. Improve collaboration between your teams with a comprehensive and dynamic digital solution. Benefit from the other 300 modules that can be activated on your UERP platform.

Contact management :

  • Easily create, store and access your contacts wherever you are.
  • Link created contacts to your business or projects so you can easily find them again.


Improved customer relations :

  • Contact your customers with a single click by email or phone thanks to your application available on mobile and web.
  • Connect your directory to other applications to enhance their functionality and offer relevant content.


With contact list distribute a complete directory of employees with multiple search filters, by group company, by department, by function. The directory and the displayable data are easily managed, the data is accessible on the web environment as in the smartphone applications for access in offline mode. The rights to modify certain information such as the mobile phone number can be delegated to users. Quick action buttons allow instant click to call or click to email or click to SMS from smartphone applications. With Contact lists you remove the barriers of interaction between your teams.


Leverage the full power of the latest generation technologies with your contact management solution, available on web and mobile applications. Create and contact your contacts with ease thanks to this complete and dynamic application. Take advantage of the 400 other modules that can be activated on your UERP platform.