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The most intuitive platform to automate your conversations


Harness the full power of the latest technologies with your chatbot solution, available on web and mobile app. Build trust in your customer relationship easily with our comprehensive and dynamic solution. Benefit from the 300 other active modules on your UERP platform.

What is a chatbot ?

A chatbot is a software robot that can communicate with an individual or a consumer through an automated conversation service. Driven by AI and automated rules and natural language processing (NLP). It makes it possible to provide answers to requests of all kinds in order to resolve certain user questions.

Why choose the UERP chatbot?

In an era where digital transformation continues to evolve, the chatbot can play an important role in communication. Conversational chatbots have special interfaces for mobile apps and are changing the way businesses and customers interact. Chatbots have become popular and save businesses time and money. To connect, customers just have to click on the “chatbot” tab and start a conversation with the software that will answer all of their requests.

Businesses don’t have to pay the cost of a human representative to answer customer questions. If the problem is not resolved, he will put you in direct contact with someone in the company so that they can take care of your more technical requests.