DIGITALIZR Logistics - The platform to manage your logistics

DIGITALIZR Logistics – The platform to manage your logistics

Supply chan no code platform

Digitalizr the solution for the supply chain

Perfect control and visibility

Digitalizr facilitates the management of your stocks in your inventory. Stay in full control of your inventory, receiving notifications when your stock is low and anticipating your stockouts. Look for an item in your inventory to find out how many copies are left, how much they cost …

Find all the old orders and their treatments, the current orders and their states. Manage your budget with year-round summaries organized by type in graph form. Control the entire production supply chain with checkpoints and step points until product deliveries.


Manage all of your shipments with several impact tools

Thanks to Digitalizr, follow the orders step by step, of your customers as soon as they order on your store. Create emails automatically to inform your customers (your package is being prepared, the package has been delivered to the carrier, your package is on the way, your package is being delivered, etc.). Digitalizr also allows a system of communication with your customers allowing you to be closer and meet their needs. Keep an order history, and carry out purchase reports to optimize your sales. We also offer you the follow-up of order evaluations to continue to be in a process of continuous improvement. Finally, find real-time traceability of information and orders.

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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