UERP - The expert low and no code platform with more than 400 modules

UERP – The platform that digitalizes your processes

UERP Platform designed by you, for you !

Because we know every business is different, our solution is 100% customizable and very flexible, allowing you to choose the modules you need when you need them.

UERP is a new generation of software that embeds a complete set of functionalities available with more than 400 activatable modules. Completely manage your entire business directly from users’ smartphones, enabling significant improvement in performance and control.


UERP was created by the architects of the largest IT projects of the world leader in utility operations. It has been built to the most rugged and secure specifications and designed to fit into the most demanding environments.

Zero code platform

Modules and configuration

Choose the modules requested for your application. Set the parameters to respond to each specific business process that the application should respond to. Setting up UERP does not require any knowledge of code and UERP supports you in this process.


Create and automate the information you want to display in all sections of the app


UERP connects to your websites, social networks, sensors and objects, buildings…


Allow your teams and customers to access your new service and explore all the possibilities, with simplified management of user rights.

How it works ?

The solution is universal with 23 languages taken into account. It is also built on a cloud architecture available on IOS, Android, Windows 10 and on all the main supports Smartphones, tablets, Windows PCs … The platform is also available in pure native applications.

You can host on site or use our secure Cloud infrastructure, we adapt !


Our team will support you to complete your platforms with your own modules as quickly as possible for a fraction of the cost of traditional developments. UERP brings your business and ERP applications to mobile use and supports you in the creation of your new innovative services.


UERP comes with many ready-to-use services tested and validated by our experts. You will be able to industrialize the distribution of your high added value services in record time. We are able to set up a solution for you in 4 hours with our no code system.


Divide your costs and time to market by 10 with your no code application generator and boost your operational performance.


We leverage 40 years of combined experience in cloud and mobile technologies. Our team of 30 specialized developers ensure the success of your technological projects. All UERP developments are accompanied by a guarantee of perfect completion.

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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