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UERP FINANCE – Digitize your accounting and financial activities with our no code platform


UERP Finance is software that unites all business processes and data related to financial management. You will be able to automate and streamline all of your financial data. All statutory regulations for revenue recognition will be handled directly on the software. You will gain a lot of flexibility by using the revenue recognition rules of the ordering and invoicing systems.

Why choose UERP FINANCE ?

You will be able to simplify and consolidate your company’s orders, invoices and events. UERP FINANCE complies with IFRS and US GAAP accounting standards. The automation of the financial close cycle will be activated to have optimized collaboration between employees. Processes will be automated to simplify audit activities. The accounting teams will have secure access to the finance platform and will be able to collaborate directly on a single interface.

Who is UERP FINANCE for ?

It is aimed at all companies up to 2000 people from all sectors of activity

How to install UERP FINANCE ?

Access to a specific demonstration of your needs with the evolution of all stages of the installation. We guarantee you support throughout the analysis phases by functional department, implementation of the processes specific to your company, configuration of the solution, construction of documentary outputs, data recovery and support by our consultants and digital experts who are there to guarantee the success of the implementation of your new generation ERP.

financial no code platform

The UERP FINANCE platform is being set up in record time.

Very easy to use, it brings together all the essential features for your financial monitoring :

– General Accounting
– Compatibility with US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards
– Cost accounting
– Budget accounting
– Compliance with the general chart of accounts
– Personalized accounts and journals
– Centralizing accounts
– Accounting statements
– Big Book
– Invoice scans via smartphone applications
– Imports of bank statements
– Balance sheet and income statement
– Financial analysis
– Reporting
– Treasury
– Regulatory declarations and VAT
– Automated remote declarations
– Automatic payroll data integrations
– Imports and exports of the FEC
Business Intelligence tools with production of personalized graphs

Digitize your operations to save time and improve performance !

Using a chart of accounts and journals adapted to your activity, our tool will allow you to analyze your performance in real time. You will also be able to efficiently manage your accounting years as well as the archiving of data. The financial analysis functionality accompanied by its comparative dashboard and combined with cost accounting, will be an essential decision support tool on a daily basis.

Editing accounting statements such as the balance sheet, income statement, or even the creation of ratios and graphs specific to your sector will facilitate the production of complete financial reporting. You will have a 360 view of all financial and operational data with flexible and easily usable data reporting. Each report will be analyzed with a complete and detailed dimension.

You will be able to import all your data such as bank statements or even the accounting entries file, a mandatory document in the event of a tax audit.
The integration of your customer invoices, suppliers and your optimized payslips will save you significant time and resources.

You will be able to carry out all your accounting statements: journal book, general ledger, balance, old balance, …

Finally, it will be quite possible to make your remote declarations directly on UERP FINANCE.

Mobile applications

This finance & accounting platform is fully exploitable on PWA web applications – Progressive Web Apps – and smartphones in native iOS and Android code. It is operational regardless of network conditions for use in disconnected mode between a few hours and a few days.

All the devices are designed in no-code architecture and allow you to respond quickly and precisely to your needs.

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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