UERP CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - A platform that helps you manage your interactions with your customers


Why is having a good customer experience important ?

Initially, this corresponds to a very important differentiating factor compared to your direct competitors. This is also the time to build loyalty and leave a good image of the company to your customers, thus increasing your income and your potential income. Your first impression is essential you must meet the expectations of your new customers, in order to avoid losing them from the start.

Managing your customer experience helps create a competitive advantage that drives customer retention, revenue expansion, and business valuation over time. We must therefore measure and improve our customer experience.


How to improve your customer experience ?

UERP CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is an online tool that allows you to set up a user integration program into your services or products. First, our customer relations experts will be able to come to your home and carry out an assessment of the inventory and provide you with areas for improvement. Then UERP CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, is a tool for collecting information from your customers with multiple forms and feedback in order to optimize and improve your relationship with customers. These comments and feedback help understand how your customers think, act and behave. It’s a way to identify and analyze points of frustration, learn from and connect with your customers. Customer feedback allows your team to better understand customer needs and to work together to solve problems and keep customers happy. Thanks to the UERP platform, you can consult, process and follow the evolution of these comments in project mode with dashboards, dedicated teams …


A good customer experience is not just about buying. You have to attract the customer and provide them with a satisfactory purchasing process, leaving them with a good image, and that goes through communication and marketing. It is also important to create a follow-up to the purchase. This is why UERP CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE includes a newsletter service in order to continue to communicate with your customers. You can also create a business management and monitoring platform to better know and understand the behaviors of your customers. Finally, we also offer customer access to a service portal available on the web and on smartphones.

Customer feedback

Mobile applications

This customer experience platform is fully exploitable on PWA web applications – Progressive Web Apps – and smartphones in native iOS and Android code. It is operational regardless of network conditions for use in disconnected mode between a few hours and a few days.

All the devices are designed in no-code architecture and allow you to respond quickly and precisely to your needs.

A platform that helps you manage your interactions with your customers

Client no code platform

A platform that helps you manage your interactions with your customers

  1. Internal and customer organization modeling
  2. Customer account management
  3. A la carte client onboarding in web and smartphone application
  4. Client access via web and smartphone application with à la carte service counter
  5. Directories of internal contacts and customers in web and smartphone application
  6. Making customer meetings with internal teams on availability calendar
  7. Interactive handling of customer tickets
  8. Validation workflows
  9. Internal project management with option to monitor progress by clients
  10. Instant business intelligence tools
  11. EDM, cross-functional and customer knowledge management, generator of documents and customer contracts
  12. Dematerialized signature with legal validity on the web and on smartphone application
  13. Management of product catalogs and customer stocks
  14. Multi-channel communication with newsletters, emailings, push notifications and group and individual SMS

Integrates to your existing system in record time with our connectors bank

Adapts to your organization, processes and environment regardless of their complexity

Leverages the full capabilities of web and mobile interactivity



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