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Intrapreneurs software

Intrapreneurs software

Turn your ideas into a reliable, secure project and turn your innovation process into a source of concrete results.

Take advantage of a unique software to collect ideas, find funding, give a voice to your employees and monitor results.

High level consultants

Strong expertise

Collaborative design

Native cross-platform

Fully scalable

Record production time


A software to undertake in your company

  • Why choose UERP’s intrapreneur software?

Through our intrapreneur software, we support them in different ways. On the one hand, through training thanks to our training management platform, with the aim of giving the necessary skills to undertake within the company.

Our solution for intrapreneurs allows for HR and managerial follow-up. In other words, the objective is to be able to carry out your project thanks to the registration of the evolution of skills with a defined budget.

Our software will allow all intrapreneurs to accompany them in the use and management of the company’s resources.

Thus, developers, sales people, marketers or accountants can stimulate their creativity and lead to innovative projects thanks to our collective intelligence tool.

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  • What is the purpose of UERP’s software for entrepreneurs?

A company needs to react to changes as quickly as possible. That’s why UERP’s ERP is an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs, as it allows to structure activities, improve performance monitoring and boost productivity.

  • Who is our software for intrapreneurs aimed at?

The platform is aimed at all companies, B2B, all sectors of activity.

  • How do I install UERP’s intrapreneurs software?

If you are interested in our software to undertake an idea, a concept or a project, you will have access to a demonstration that meets your needs and to discover the evolution of all the steps of the installation.

Then, we accompany you for the installation of the platform throughout a training, in order to communicate you all the keys of the parameter setting actions. We also offer regular follow-up with our digital experts who will be available to answer any questions you may have.